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We have our in-house maintenance team for all the vehicles and equipments operated by us. Our workshop is equipped to undertake major overhauling in-house.

We undertake fabrication of Tipper’s cabin and bodies with our own design and modifications using square pipes which is structurally strong and capable of withstanding rough use and corrosion resistant. We also fabricate chutes and hopers for industry.

We have improvised the loader cabin of HM-2021 which gives more space and visibility to the operator.






  • CNC Plasma Profile Cutting Unit of MESSER, Germany
  • Portable Abrasive blaster of MECSHOT
  • Plate blending roller machine of AARESS
  • Submerge welding machine of ADOR
  • MIG welding machine 400, 403 & 600 of ADOR
  • Arc welding machine 250 & 400 of MIGATRONIC
  • Hard facing electrode of ADOR
  • DNH Electrode
  • Gas Cutting profile machine of KOIKE-ANSO
  • AVERY weigh bridge (60 MT)
  • Escorts Hydra 15 MT
  • Sufficient storage area of 7 acres
  • Covered shed (50mx30m)
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